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Telecommunication Science

The department of Telecommunication Science of the University of Ilorin  was established in recognition of the fact that telecommunication is one of the main drivers of economic growth and globalization today. As such, the philosophy of the programme is to produce telecommunication specialists who are well grounded in the theory and practice of telecommunication. The curriculum would focus on the concept of network computing which includes sub-fields such as intercontinental digital networks, gigahertz data networks, distributed systems, wireless communications, network security, and the Internet. 


The aim of establishing the Department of Telecommunication is to train competent telecommunication specialists who will meet the challenges of the 21st century in the growing telecommunication industry. It is our objective to train students in the core area of telecommunication that includes:-

-       Network computing and security

-       Intercontinental digital networks

-       Wireless communication

-       Telecommunication software applications

-       Information and communication technology

-       Telecommunication planning, analysis and design

-       Telecommunication management  

As much as possible the theories and principles of the above core areas shall be bridged through industrial training attachment. At the end of the programme, the graduates would be able to apply telecommunication knowledge and skills in organizational environments, embrace life-long learning, and contribute to their communities.


The world has been experiencing tremendous advances in the field of telecommunications which became evident in Nigeria in the past five years. Establishing a Department of Telecommunication Science in the University of Ilorin at this time, is a response to the need for well-rounded graduates, capable of combining theory, practice and managerial skills in meeting the challenges of the highly specialized and competitive telecommunications industry.