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Library and Info. Science


The Dept of Library and Information Science of the University of Ilorin is committed to the University’s mission of teaching, learning, research and community services. As a professional dept, it educates its students, in both theory and practice, to identify, acquire, organize, and disseminate information. By integrating information technology across the curriculum, the Dept will impart the knowledge and skills of the profession in preserving and providing access to the records of our cultural heritage and the documents of the scholarly research.

Goals of the Dept.

To provide a broadly-based education at the undergraduate level that will prepare students for careers in organizational settings in information based, diverse global society.

To teach students skills to enable them provide high value information service and products to a multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual, and global society.

Specific Objectives:   At the end of their programme, students will be able to:

  1. Acquire intellectual capabilities to understand and appreciate their environments.
  2. Demonstrate creative and innovative abilities in selecting, acquiring, organizing, retrieving and disseminating information.
  3. Disseminate information to users using a variety of information technologies and media formats.
  4. Acquire both theoretical and practical skills to work in any information environment.
  5. Manage financial, human, information and knowledge resources adequately in any organization.