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Info. and Comm. Science


The Department of Information and Communication Science (ICS) was established via the decision of the senate on 20th June, 2008. The Department was created in the faculty of communication and information sciences (CIS).

The aim of establishing the department of information and communication science is to produce well-grounded graduates that can explicitly relate theory with practice, with essential transferable skills such as communication and team work, taking leading roles in the highly competitive informatics profession and developing innovative ICT solutions, using scientific approaches.

Graduate of this noble department would be future specialists that can manage and anticipate the challenges of the computer-enabled, internet-connected, digital-based global society of the information and knowledge age.

Since the inception, candidates are admitted into 100 level through the Unilorin remedial programme and university matriculation Examinations (UME) and to 200 level through direct Entry. The duration of the programme for candidates who are admitted by UME model and REMEDIAL is four (4) years while the duration of the programme for those admitted by direct entry is three (3) years.