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Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science, University of Ilorin is committed to the University’s mission of teaching, learning, research and community development services in the field of Computer Science. It buy viagra online without prescriptions is aimed at producing men and women who are well-trained in all facets of computer Science with the main purpose of meeting national and international needs in the area of technological advancement.


  • Train students to be self-reliant in the field of Computer Science
  • Produce students who are adequately prepared for postgraduate work.
  • Produce Computer Scientists who can readily impart their knowledge to students at lower levels of education.
  • Develop self-confidence in handling problems associated with information and communication technologies, with minimal or no supervision.
  • Train students to develop confidence in appreciating and solving problems in Computer Science field.


  • Acquire strong theoretical and practical skills in Computer Science in order to work in any IT-driven environment.
  • Understand and apply the underlying principles of Computer Science to a variety of problem domains.
  • Work in groups and appreciate the dynamic and collaborative nature of problem solving.
  • Blend their Computer Science abilities with skills specific to another domain for solving problems in that domain.
  • Embark on lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.